Manage mailing lists

Manage and grow your e-mail lists on one integrated platform. We will handle all your subscribers, unsubscribers and bounces automatically. We can manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Custom designs

We can design your HTML newsletters for you so they are small in size and still appealing on the eye. A beautifully designed newsletter can make the user more interested in your products or services.

Personalise e-mails

Choose the e-mail address used for sending e-mails to your subscribers. We also allow you to customise your e-mails so you can personally address your customers.

Send attachments

No matter how big or small we can attach any type of file to your newsletters. Don’t jam up your outbox with large attachments to multiple recipients as this could take days to distribute.

Better delivery

Don’t risk the chance of being blacklisted by your ISP for sending out e-mail to multiple recipients. Newsletters are sent out individually and are not identified as spam.

Analyse & track

See who has opened your newsletters and how many have bounced. This will pave the way to increased buy rates, order volume and decreased bounce backs and unsubscribes.

Newsletter Pricing
Newsletter Design R150.00
1KB - 100KB R0.04 per e-mail
101KB - 200KB R0.08 per e-mail
201KB - 300KB R0.12 per e-mail
301KB - 400KB R0.16 per e-mail
401KB - 500KB R0.20 per e-mail
501KB - 600KB R0.24 per e-mail
601KB - 700KB R0.28 per e-mail
701KB - 800KB R0.32 per e-mail
801KB - 900KB R0.36 per e-mail
901KB - 1000KB R0.40 per e-mail